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The Company HATAS, was founded in the year 1947 by Mr. Hasan ATASÜ a teacher of technical sciences and is the first manufacturer of Wooden % Plastic Drawing and Measuring Instruments in Turkey.

Since then, the brand name HATAS stood for high quality products, precision and stability for the requirements of the different subjects.

The quality of HATAS production is almost certified by ISO-9002 and HATAS has earned this honourable position with transfering the saved-up experience from the past into the future by high-technology manufacturing with modern machines and production takes place under strict quality control. The disposal of the products are environmentally friendly.

The scales of the products are hot stamped & some scales of the technical products are accurate machine divided.

With many different products at reasonable prices, HATAS has the honour of servicing to a very wide span of different consumers from primary school pupils upto university students, technicians, enginears and architects.

HATAS exports 75% of its production more than 80 countries.